Parental Win #987

*All names of the innocent ridiculed in this blog post have been left up to your imagination so as not to humiliate anyone by my exploiting their situations for my comedic pleasure.*

Child walks up next to me about an hour ago and grabs his t-shirt and pulls away from his belly and let’s go and then all of a sudden begins to cry.

I look over and find he’s lifted his t-shirt up exposing a skinny red welt on his belly. I ask, “What happened?”
And he points down to a skinny piece of elastic hanging out of the waistband of his training pants. He had apparently inadvertently grabbed the elastic while pulling his shirt and it snapped back into his skin when he let it go.


“You always laugh when I get hurt!”

“That’s not true! I only laugh when you get hurt doing something very weird.”

MOTY 2013…..not a snowball’s chance in Hell.


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